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Nicole Eggert battling height phobia on Splash!

Actress Nicole Eggert has been battling a crippling fear of heights during her stint on the diving show Splash!, insisting it's a struggle just to climb the steps to the board.

The former Baywatch star hoped the reality series would help her overcome the phobia but Eggert admits every trip to the board leaves her terrified.

She says, "I always think I'm going to fall over... I lose, like, my equilibrium and I thought I'd get used to it."

Eggert has already had one major scare during rehearsals for the show - she lost her balance on a 16 meter board and plummeted into the pool.

She winced as she was shown the footage during an appearance on Access Hollywood Live on Thursday (21Mar13), and recalled, "I scraped down my thighs and then when I landed on the water I landed on my side, so I hurt my neck and my ear.

"I was teetering on top of (the board) and I was like, 'You're going down girl, you're going down, brace yourself...' I do a handstand and my elbows just gave out... It was during a rehearsal and I think I rushed it."

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