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Nico & Vinz use new video to highlight fight against HIV/AIDS

Norwegian pop stars Nico & Vinz are using the music video for their new song My Melody to help erase the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.

The Am I Wrong hitmakers shine the spotlight on sufferers, who share their stories of living day-to-day with the virus, in the promo in a bid to humanise their experience.

Vinz tells TheFader.com, "My Melody is about the stigma and ignorance surrounding HIV/AIDS. The video reflects upon the subject and it was important to us to have real people in the video with the virus to tell (the public) about their experiences."

Nico adds, "People live full lives with AIDS, but it doesn't define them. These are people with real stories. It's really inspiring to see the strength people have."

The video was released on Friday (06Feb15), ahead of National Black AIDS Awareness Day in the U.S. (07Feb15).

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