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New York politicians in Lady Gaga feud

Lady Gaga has been dragged into a political row in her native New York after a Manhattan official took aim at comments the Staten Island Borough President made about the singer's marijuana-puffing moment onstage in Holland.

James Molinaro was unimpressed when the Paparazzi hitmaker lit up at a recent gig and he called her "a slut" at a recent anti-drug event.

He added, "This slut is influencing many, many children."

His remarks have upset Manhattan rival Scott Stringer, who is a friend of Gaga's parents and has sights on becoming New York's next mayor.

Coming to her defense in a statement released on Tuesday (25Sep12), he applauded Lady Gaga for her work, insisting it "is a symbol of individuality and artistic expression."

He added, "In addition to her artistic pursuits, she is a social justice activist and a real leader for marriage equality in this country, and no matter which continent Gaga happens to be in today, she remains an Upper West Sider at heart."

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