Natalie Portman treated to lost footage of childhood pop group

Natalie Portman was left cringing during a late-night TV appearance in America on Wednesday (14Dec16) when host James Corden unearthed a pop performance from when she was nine.

During her stint on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the pregnant 35-year-old revealed she had once been a member of a children's environmental pop group, called World Patrol Kids.

"We would perform at like Earth Day on the UN (United Nations) Plaza, or whatever," she giggled to the host. "I was really dorky, OK!"

"The songs were like 'recycle it, renew it, reuse it, redo it'," she added.

Natalie was then treated to a video of herself performing with the World Patrol Kids, as fellow guest Annette Bening burst into laughter and Portman attempted to hide her blushes.