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Modern Family bosses courting Cate Blanchett cameo

Producers of hit sitcom Modern Family are desperate to arrange a cameo from Australian actress Cate Blanchett while the show is filming in her native country.

Bosses of the Golden Globe-winning comedy are shooting scenes in Blanchett's hometown of Sydney, Australia and they have invited the Blue Jasmine star to make a guest appearance in the comedy.

Executive producer Steven Levitan has confirmed efforts to find time in Blanchett's schedule are ongoing after he befriended the actress on a 14-hour flight to Sydney.

Levitan tells Australia's Daily Telegraph, "We've got some crazy people to do things for us in the past just by asking, but we thought maybe a quick cameo of Cate... we're big fans of hers."

Modern Family has previously featured guest appearances from Hollywood stars including James Marsden and Danny Trejo.

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