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Miranda Lambert threw moonshine over Avril Lavigne's man

Country star Miranda Lambert once hurled moonshine all over Canadian rocker Chad Kroeger after he pestered her to join him for a drink in a Nashville, Tennessee bar.

The singer's husband Blake Shelton reveals the Gunpowder & Lead star took offense to something the Nickelback frontman said to her and left him drenched in alcohol.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "People always try to pop off or call her bluff at bars... He tried to get her to drink some moonshine, and she said no. He was drunk, and I can't remember what he said to her, but she grabbed that jar out of his hand and threw it on him.

"So then me and him ended up getting into it."

Kroeger is now married to Avril Lavigne after tying the knot last year (13).

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