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Miranda Lambert adds new dog to family

Miranda Lambert has added a new addition to her family - she's adopted a pooch she found on the side of the road.

The animal-loving Over You hitmaker has made a habit of rescuing stray dogs and over the last several months she has amassed quite the menagerie of canines and cats.

And last week (12May12) the country star discovered an abandoned pup by a busy freeway.

In an angry post on Twitter.com, she wrote, "Found another dog this am on the side of the road. In sad shape... I have 'dogdar' (dog radar). They find me. And I hope I never see the people that dump them. For thier (sic) sake. It won't be pretty."

Lambert planned on helping the dog find a suitable new home, but the 28 year old confesses she has since grown attached to the pooch she has named Loretta - presumably after pal and country legend Loretta Lynn - and she's hoping husband Blake Shelton will let her keep it.

Tweeting a photo of the tired black mutt, she adds, "New puppy I found last week. Loretta! She will go to a new good home soon I hope.:) or maybe she is (home) already. Hehe... Sweet Loretta on her first bus ride. I'm gettin really attached:) shhh don't tell Blake."

But it's unlikely Shelton will mind - in a recent In Touch magazine article, the country singer says, "We’ve rescued at least 20 dogs, as well as cats and horses... If Miranda’s as good with a human being as she is with dogs, the kid’s going to be golden!"

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