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Minnie Driver coos about young son's musical talents

Actress Minnie Driver is convinced her son is so musical because she was performing on tour weeks before he was born.

Little Henry's father is a mystery musician his mom has never named, and now the tot is following in his talented parents' footsteps.

Proud mom Minnie says, "My son just started piano lessons and we play the guitar together. He is clearly loving music. His dad is an amazing musician as well. His dad is a writer but he's a really gifted musician, so he's got it on both sides and he's surrounded by it.

"I was on tour when I was pregnant with him, between my seventh and eighth month, and he had a guitar pressed up against his head every night for two hours, rocking out, so he didn't have any choice! It's literally in him."

And the actress tells BlogTalkRadio.com that taking her son on set while she was filming new movie Hunky Dory was a wonderful experience - because he got to be part of a jam band.

She adds, "He was around a lot on set and it was heaven. This movie was like going to camp because when we weren't shooting we were sitting around by the trailers with five guitars out and a bass and drums and sat around playing music. He would sing and dance and entertain all of us. It was a really magical time."

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