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Miley Cyrus thinks she's already won on The Voice premiere

Miley Cyrus kicked off the premiere of TV talent show The Voice by signing two huge talents to her team.

The 23-year-old singer made her debut as a judge on the program on Monday night's episode (19Sep16), alongside fellow newbie Alicia Keys and veteran judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

The show sees singing hopefuls blind auditioning for the panel of four, before the judges who want that person on their team then turn their chairs around. If more than one judge turns around, it is up to the auditionee to choose whose team they want to be on.

The appeal of learning from one of the pop world's youngest divas was too much to resist for a couple of the hopefuls, with teenager Courtnie Ramirez barely hesitating when it came to choosing between Miley and Alicia.

After Miley's signing was revealed on the episode, the singer took to her Twitter and wrote: "So much LOVE for my gurl, Courtnie!! Happy you picked me as ur coach #VoicePremiere."

Miley's team was further expanded with the addition of Ali Caldwell, 28, who was one of the hottest hopefuls on the Season 11 premiere, with all four judges turning their chairs around after her rendition of Dangerous Woman.

While Adam and Alicia both campaigned hard for Ali to join their team, it was Miley she eventually went for. Miley sealed the deal by telling Ali that she would help her learn to share "your story through your songs so you don't end as just a great singer ... 'cause I got a lot of personality."

After Ali joined Miley, the singer tweeted her confidence in her fledgling team, writing: "I think I just won @NBCTheVoice everyone. #VoicePremiere."

Miley's father, veteran country singer Billy Ray Cyrus was also quick to back his little girl's group, retweeting Miley's post and adding of Ali's audition: "I agree. I think you just won Season 11 - she's amazing!!! #VoicePremiere @MileyCyrus @NBCTheVoice #TheVoice @nbc."

Miley wasn't always successful, however, and lost 15-year-old hopeful Gabe Broussard to Blake.

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