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Miley Cyrus pictured 'rolling a joint'

Miley Cyrus has been pictured rolling what appears to be a marijuana joint.

The Wrecking Ball hitmaker can be seen in a photograph, posted by a male friend on his Instagram.com page, putting a suspicious-looking substance into cigarette paper while in a recording studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The pal wrote in the caption, "Yup...... Recordin (sic) with Miley... High as f**k..."

Cyrus hit headlines last year (13) by sparking up a joint on stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam, Holland, where marijuana is legal.

While in Tulsa, the singer also added a lip tattoo to her collection of body art. She showed off her latest inking in a picture posted on her Instagram.com page on Friday (14Mar14). The image shows the pop star pulling down her lip to reveal a yellow and black cat, which she dubbed "sad kitty".

Her friend - who accompanied her to the tattoo parlour - also wrote on her own page, "We got tattoos on our lips... What the f**k."

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