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Miley Cyrus makes video cameo for new rapper Tiffany Foxx

Singer/actress Miley Cyrus has given Lil Kim's rap protege Tiffany Foxx a huge publicity boost after filming a cameo appearance in her new video.

The former Disney star reached out to Foxx on Twitter.com recently to reveal she was a fan and the pair appears to have hit it off, even exchanging private messages via the social networking website.

Foxx invited her new pal to make an appearance in the promo for her Lil Kim duet Twisted and Cyrus took her up on the offer, showing up on the Hollywood Hills set on Sunday (03Feb13) to meet the aspiring star face-to-face, reports AllHipHop.com.

Photos from the video shoot have since surfaced online, with Cyrus, dressed in black and white striped pants, posing for pictures alongside a dolled up Foxx and Kim.

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