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Miley Cyrus eyes space mission

Miley Cyrus is hoping to be aboard a Virgin Galactic flight next year (14) to fulfil her lifelong dream of traveling into space.

The Party In The U.S.A. hitmaker has always dreamed of leaving Earth's atmosphere but thought it would be impossible without becoming an astronaut, until Virgin bosses announced their plans to begin launching commercial space trips in 2014.

Cyrus intends to use her connections to ensure she is one of the first commercial travellers to look down upon Earth from outer space, joining the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt on the inaugural flight.

She tells Rolling Stone, "I've always dreamed of going into space. I'm going at some point. Virgin Galactic is taking a ship up next year - I'm trying to get on there right now. I've got a friend who invested in it, and he can kind of hook it up. I want to be one of the first ones."

Cyrus won't be the only pop star enjoying a break in zero gravity, with Justin Bieber announcing in June (13) he had booked his seat on a Virgin Galactic trip.

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