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Mila Kunis turns Warner Bros. studios into her mummy-and-me world

Mila Kunis has turned husband Ashton Kutcher's workplace into a private world for herself and the couple's baby daughter Wyatt, because the Warner Bros. lot is one place she can stroll around without running into fans or paparazzi.

The actress, who had a furious car park run-in with a photographer while she was pregnant last year (14), has been walking her four month old around the film studios, where Kutcher films sitcom Two and a Half Men, so she can enjoy some quality mummy-and-me time with the tot without being bothered.

She explains, "I can't really go to most places because of paparazzi issues, so I take my stroller and Wyatt and I go walking around the Warner Bros. lot and we go and have picnics over by the fake lake... and there's a farmer's market here, so I go to the farmer's market every other Wednesday."

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