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Michelle Rodriguez discovered Fast character was alive at the movies

Actress Michelle Rodriguez discovered her Fast & The Furious character was set for a return from the dead the same way film fans did - by watching the speedy movie franchise's fifth movie.

The star's character, Letty, was left for dead in the fourth film and even she admits she didn't think she'd return and rejoin pals Vin Diesel and Paul Walker on the big screen.

She says, "We shot 4 with the idea of leaving it open in case they did want to bring me back... but it had been two years and already they had announced that they did (Fast Five); I went to visit the set - I'm obviously not in it."

But then Rodriguez decided to check the film out when it hit cinemas, and was stunned by the ending: "I was in Paris and I bought a ticket to go (to see the film) because I wanted to see Vin Diesel go and fight The Rock.

"The movie ends, the credits roll, I get up to leave and I hear a voice and it's Eva Mendes and it's, 'Do you believe in ghosts?', and I turn around and I look and can you believe it, that's how I found out that I'm alive.

"Vin's one of my best friends and he didn't tell me."

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