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Michael Ealy to play civil rights activist

Actor Michael Ealy has been cast as civil rights activist Dr. Gilbert Mason in an upcoming biopic.

The Think Like a Man star will play the Biloxi physician who led non-violent protests against segregation and helped to win the first anti-discrimination suit against the state of Mississippi.

A Civil Right will be directed by Power's Salvatore Stabile, according to Deadline.com.

Producer Darryl Taja says, "Sal wrote an amazing script that I've wanted to make for two years, as we are part of the greatest, modern country in the world, with a history that is plagued by a tumultuous past.

"Without the contributions of so many individuals, like Dr. Mason, many of us would not be able to enjoy the civil liberties that we have in this modern society. I feel both obligated and humbled to be able share Sal's interpretation of our history with the world."

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