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Melanie Brown's mother wants reconciliation

Melanie Brown's mother has reached out to the former Spice Girls star in a new interview with a British newspaper after years of not speaking to the singer because of an alleged feud over her husband Stephen Belafonte.

Melanie Brown, who lives in Sydney, Australia with her three daughters, wed Stephen Belafonte in 2007 and lost contact with her loved ones in her native U.K. because of the relationship.

Her mother Andrea has now given an emotional interview with The Sun newspaper in a bid to reunite with her daughter.

Andrea reveals she only found out about the birth of Mealnie Brown and Stephen Belafonte's daughter Madison last year (11) through Twitter.com, and she wants to repair their relationship for the sake of her grandchildren.

She says, "Half of my family is missing to me. Every day I pine for Mel, (and her daughters) Phoenix and Angel. I've never even seen Mel's youngest daughter and I probably never will. I only found out she was pregnant because of Twitter and I found out on Twitter that she'd had the baby too.

"We got on so well - she never went more than three or four days without without calling me and she'd never take a flight without calling at the airport then calling when she landed.

"I'd like her to know that I absolutely adore her and the children and that my door will always be open for them to come back. She knows my phone number and my email address - they have never changed."

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