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Meghan Trainor refused media training

Meghan Trainor went to one session of media training before quitting.

When she was a new artist, the No singer was required to attend training classes teaching her how to behave and what to talk about with the press, but she didn't want to take their advice so she didn't go back for more sessions following her first experience.

“They put new artists in these classes and apparently, everything about me was wrong,” she tells the London Evening Standard. “The woman was like: ‘Don’t do that!’, ‘Don’t say that!’ and just ‘No!’ I was like: ‘I got this’. So I never want back.”

Meghan understands why they wanted her to undergo training, explaining, “I say stupid s**t all the time.” However, she wants be herself and tell the truth rather than memorising answers.

During the interview, she proved her openness by revealing she is currently single because the guys she's encountered recently aren't worth her time.

"Even nowadays I haven’t got a boyfriend, but I’ve had little flings - they never last because I realise early on that I deserve better," she says. "I deserve someone who is obsessed with me, like I’m obsessed with them… I usually don’t want to get more heartbroken later, so I cut it off early.”

Meghan went on to talk about how she underwent vocal surgery last year (15), and explains she wasn't just sad about disappointing fans and those who had bought tickets to see her tour, but she also felt down about the effect her medication had on her appearance.

“It was a dark time," Meghan recalled. "I had bronchitis and pneumonia, so that makes your chords get rough. And when girls menstruate, their chords swell up too... Because of all the steroids and antibiotics I was on, I had acne... Normally I only get it at period times (on her chin)... but it was cheeks, everywhere. I was miserable.”

The equally outspoken Jennifer Lawrence recently revealed she was thrown into media training after her first big press conference because she joked her co-star Kim Basinger had died to reporters.

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