Meghan Trainor: 'I'm smitten with Spy Kids boyfriend'

Singer Meghan Trainor can't get enough of her actor boyfriend Daryl Sabara because he makes her feel sexy and he's a great kisser.

The All About That Bass singer fell for the grown-up Spy Kids star on a blind date arranged by the couple's mutual pal Chloe Grace Moretz last year (16) and they're still going strong.

In a new Cosmopolitan interview, Meghan gushes about her man, revealing he's the first boyfriend who truly appreciates her body.

"I never really felt sexy with guys before," the 23-year-old says. "No one expressed how they liked my body out loud in the bedroom until I met Daryl. He is obsessed with it - every inch. And that has improved my confidence more than even Bass (song) did. He's a champion, so we're in heaven."

And she knew she'd found someone special on their first date, when she locked lips with the actor: "We went on a double date - bowling and karaoke," she adds. "He kissed me at the bowling alley. I told my security to step outside 'cause I didn't want to be watched... He was the best kisser ever. I know I'm really good at kissing, but I was shocked when he was."

And it appears the nine-month romance is super serious - Meghan has even written a new song inspired by Daryl called Marry Me.

She previously gushed about the Spy Kids star in December (16), telling news show Entertainment Tonight she was in love.

"I've never been treated so nicely from a guy (sic)...'" she said. "He showed up to our second date with a rose in his hand and I was like, 'You're the one!'"

Daryl joined Meghan on the road in Europe last summer (16) and gave her a big creative boost.

"I actually made him write some songs with me, so we've collaborated," she said. "It's fun to have someone that understands what you're doing."