Meghan Markle pens essay on menstruation stigma in India

Meghan Markle has written an essay for Time Magazine on the difficulty menstruating women and girls face in India.

The Suits actress writes candidly about the large numbers of schoolgirls in the country who are unable to properly care for themselves during their menstruation cycles and how it affects their education and lifestyle.

Meghan, who does charity work in India, notes, "During my time in the field, many girls shared that they feel embarrassed to go to school during their periods, ill equipped with rags instead of pads, unable to participate in sports, and without bathrooms available to care for themselves, they often opt to drop out of school entirely."

Markle also illustrates how such a challenge relates to larger issues faced by women in the nation.

"As a female in India, the challenge of survival begins at birth, first overcoming female feticide, then being victim to malnourishment, potentially abuse, and lack of access to proper sanitation facilities,” she writes. “Why, if she is able to overcome all of these challenges and finally get to school, should her education and potential to succeed, be sacrificed because of shame surrounding her period?"

In the piece, the Los Angeles native encourages a call to action, asking for a more open dialogue when it comes to the sometimes taboo subject: "To that I say: we need to push the conversation, mobilize policy making surrounding menstrual health initiatives, support organizations who foster girls' education from the ground up, and within our own homes, we need to rise above our puritanical bashfulness when it comes to talking about menstruation."

The 35-year-old has been making headlines since she began a high profile romance with Prince Harry in August of last year (16). The star appears to share a passion for humanitarian aid work with the royal.

Last year (16), the United Nations advocate penned a piece for Elle on the importance of feminism in philanthropy and traveled to Rwanda to work with the organization World Vision Canada.

Markle’s involvement in global causes extends as far back as her college years. The former Fringe regular earned a degree in Theater and International Relations at Northwestern University in 2003.