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Megan Fox unknowingly picked late great-grandfather's middle name for her son

Megan Fox was stunned to learn the middle name she had picked for her baby son, who was born earlier this year (14), was also her great-grandfather's.

The Transformers star and her husband Brian Austin Green had already selected Bodhi as the first name for their second child - after Patrick Swayze's character in one of the new mom's favorite films, Point Break - but they were still deliberating on a middle moniker when Fox received a strange call from her mom.

She explains, "His middle name is sort of spiritual and religious for me, in that Ransom can also mean being saved. I pitched it to Brian and he was like, 'You know, I feel like that's such a typical, like, actor-y thing to do to name your kid something so weird and I don't know if we can make it work'.

"Two days later my mom texted me and was like, 'You know, if you haven't chosen a middle name, your great-grandfather's middle name was Ransom, and maybe that'll work'. I didn't know because... he died before I was born... We figured it was meant to be."

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