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Maggie Gyllenhaal too busy as a mom to care about TV series flop

Maggie Gyllenhaal was far from disappointed when her 2012 TV pilot for The Corrections was dropped, because she was too busy becoming a mom to care.

The actress admits she didn't have the greatest time on the set because she had to film sex scenes while heavily pregnant.

Gyllenhaal tells TV Guide magazine, "I've had massive disappointments, things that broke my heart in terms of my work, but that really wasn't one of them.

"I worked on it only for one day. And I was super pregnant. My character was sleeping with her boss and her boss' wife. There's no way she could have been seven months pregnant.

"I had the baby right before we learned it (show) didn't get picked up, and I was like, 'Whatever!' I had a five day old. At that moment, work was in the background."

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