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Marlon Wayans harassment suit thrown out of court

A bizarre lawsuit filed against funnyman Marlon Wayans has been thrown out of court after a judge ruled the plaintiff resembled a TV cartoon character.

Pierre Daniel claimed Wayans harassed him on the set of Haunted House 2 by posting a side-by-side shot of him with Family Guy character Cleveland Brown on Instagram and captioning it "Tell me this n***a don't look like THIS N***A!!!"

He sued for damages in August (14), claiming the post was "racially motivated" adding Wayans' joke had left him out of work as an actor.

The comedian previously laughed off suit, stating Daniel was referred to as Cleveland during a scene in the film.

The judge overseeing the case felt it was a fair comment, ruling, "The Cleveland Brown character is obviously black, heavy... with curly Afro hair were all incorporated humorously into the filming of the scene."

The lawmaker added that Wayans' comments were protected because of his reputation as a funnyman.

TMZ.com reports that although Daniel's case against Wayans has been thrown out, the plaintiff's suit against the production company is still moving forward.

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