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Mark Ruffalo was too smelly for filmmakers

Actor Mark Ruffalo almost blew his chances in Hollywood in his very first audition because the producers were appalled by his smell.

The Avengers star began his movie career in the mid 1990s and he went on to enjoy several acclaimed roles and was even nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar in 2011 for his part in The Kids Are All Right.

However, his time in Tinseltown almost ended before it had even begun when his bad body odour left film bosses at his first interview gagging.

Ruffalo tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, "I had the audition and when I spoke to my agent after he said, 'Did you go to the gym beforehand?' When I said, 'No, why?' he said, 'They said you smelt bad!' I've cleaned up my act since!"

The interview is due to be broadcast in Britain on Friday (06Jun14), and fellow guest Michael Sheen recalls his worst ever job interview, when he was sick in a Paramount producer's office.

The Queen star says, "I was meeting with the head of casting at Paramount. It was a big deal. My daughter and her mother had a stomach bug but I thought I was okay and this was my big break. Halfway through I thought I was going to throw up and then I did - projectile vomit all over her office... my big break was cleaning up my own vomit on my knees!"

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