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Mark Ronson needed his mother during panic attacks

Grammy Award-winning producer Mark Ronson relied on his mother when he suffered crippling panic attacks because the sound of her voice would help calm him down.

The Uptown Funk hitmaker spent years battling anxiety, and has undergone therapy in a bid to tackle his issues.

Ronson has now revealed that in the early stages of his mental health crisis, he had to talk to his mum when he suffered an attack as nothing else would snap him out of the panic.

He tells Britain's The Times newspaper, "I'd turn on the radio and if you were listening to the weather forecast or the traffic, it sounded like... (the presenter) was yelling at me. He could be talking in the most even-tempered tone, but it would sound like it was getting more intense and angry and violent. And it wouldn't go away until I could speak to somebody. I couldn't call someone to make it go away. I would have to go and wake up my mum and be like, 'Hey'. The second she started speaking, it would go... I never got to the bottom of it, but it hasn't come back in that way."

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