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Jessie J upsets fans with Twitter cull

British pop star Jessie J has become embroiled in a feud with fans after she dumped all her supporters from her Twitter.com account.

The Price Tag hitmaker, who boasts nearly seven million followers on the microblogging site, decided to cull the accounts she follows to zero and many fans were unhappy to have been dropped.

Jessie J, real name Jessica Cornish, appeared stunned by the backlash, writing, "I find it insane that some people take being unfollowed like a personal attack... If I punched you in the face fair enough. But I didn't... Meh. Pick your battles in life. Being unfollowed by anyone is not a battle to fight. Or feel any way about. It's Twitter".

She later deleted the posts and wrote, "Stop making me out to be something I'm not... I'm sorry if I offended anyone. It's NEVER my intention."

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