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Maria Menounos in car scare

Actress/TV host Maria Menounos narrowly escaped injury when a heavy metal tool smashed through her car window while she was driving on Thursday (16Oct14).

The TV host heard her rear window shatter as she was motoring away from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York on Thursday and thought the noise was a gun shot.

She tells Usmagazine.com, "We were merging onto the expressway and all of a sudden we heard an explosion. I thought we were being shot at so I told everyone, 'We're being shot at! Put your heads down!' And everyone put their heads down... We waited a second and we didn't hear another shot, so I lifted my head up and turned around, and the whole back window was shattered and gone, not even a stitch of glass was left.

"And we see this huge tire iron in the back, so either someone ran back and smashed the back of the window and ran and nobody saw (them), or someone was in close proximity and threw it through the back window. Either way, my make-up artist was in the back seat covered in glass."

A police officer pulled their vehicle over to question them about the incident. The culprit has not been found.

Menounos confirmed to TMZ.com that all the passengers were unharmed.

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