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Margot Robbie donates radio prize money to charity

Australian actress Margot Robbie has donated a cash prize to charity after she won a bizarre radio competition in New Zealand.

The Wolf of Wall Street star is currently shooting a new movie in the country and presenters at local radio station The Edge launched a contest offering $790 to anyone who could convince the actress to call in.

Movie producer Murray Francis, who is working with Robbie on sci-fi film Z for Zachariah, phoned in to claim the prize with the star, who decided to donate the cash to local charities including the Port Levy volunteer fire brigade.

Robbie told the station she was overwhelmed with requests after the competition was launched, saying, "I was getting text messages, the crew members were coming up on set and telling me about it, I was getting tweets. I was inundated with requests.

"Everyone wants the (money). But I have decided to claim the (money) myself... and as much as I'd like to donate it to crew drinks this weekend, I would like to instead give it to the Port Levy volunteer fire brigade and the local marae (Maori tribal meeting place)."

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