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Mad Men star Alison Brie tours with The Girls

Mad Men star Alison Brie has formed a new covers group with two girlfriends.

The actress and her pals tour with New York bluegrass band Jones Street Station as The Girls.

Calling her musical career "a new adventure", Brie tells funnyman Jon Stewart, "It's classic rock and some country. We do a little Hall & Oates, a little Springsteen, some Dolly Parton..."

But fans of her acting need never worry that Brie will become a full-time musician.

She adds, "My first love is acting... We don't have the ability to write our own songs, which I think is a flaw if you're trying to be a real band... But my father is a great musician and he writes songs, so I've been around it my whole life.

"There was a brief period where I learned to play some songs on the ukelele. I still have the ukelele but... I'm not good at tuning it."

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