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LMFAO hitmaker hoping to get J.Lo's Clothes Off

Jennifer Lopez has become the latest star hoping to give her music an Lmfao makeover after teaming up with Party Rock Anthem and Sexy And I Know It hitmaker Goonrock on two new tracks.

The producer/DJ, who is a regular collaborator with RedFoo and SkyBlu, is bringing the party to J.Lo with a provocative new Ryan Tedder tune called Clothes Off and another song, titled Goin' In.

And GoonRock is convinced his saucy new Tedder mix is a surefire 2012 dancefloor anthem: "It really is about the music making you feel so good to where you end up with your clothes off. I couldn't imagine that track going to anyone other than J.Lo."

LMFAO stars RedFoo and SkyBlu are reportedly working on new music with Paris Hilton.

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