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Lindsay Lohan helping brother with shopping app venture

Lindsay Lohan is helping her younger brother become an online entrepreneur by backing his new shopping app which allows fans to purchase items from celebrities' closets.

Michael Lohan, Jr. is raising funds to get the app, titled Vigme, off the ground and has the backing of his famous sister.

He says of the venture, "If Lindsay buys something, it goes into her (virtual) closet. People see what's in her closet. If someone else buys (the same item), it puts money into Lindsay's pocket. It's a way for trendsetters to monetize their influence. We game-ify it... Lindsay is very active with this project."

The Mean Girls star writes in a post on Twitter.com, "Sooo excited to share our new biz with the world ‪@mikelohan‬ (sic)... hard work leads to good things."

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