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Lindsay Lohan adds to Grand Theft Auto complaint over likeness

Lindsay Lohan has revisited her complaint against the publishers of video game Grand Theft Auto V and filed a new 67-page document alleging they used her likeness without permission.

The actress originally filed a 10-page complaint against Take-Two Interactive executives in July (14), but now it appears she's getting very serious about the legal spat over the game character Lacey Jonas, who she alleges references her role in Mean Girls and the West Hollywood hotel where she once lived.

The gamer company bosses requested the dismissal of the lawsuit, stating, "her claim is so legally meritless that it lacks any good-faith basis and can only have been filed for publicity purposes", but Lohan's lawyers have now added 45 pages to an amended complaint, claiming they now have information that suggests the game publishers used a "look-a-like model" to "evoke the persona and image" of Lohan by imitating a photograph that was taken of her in 2007.

Her legal team also alleges Take-Two Interactive bosses have been using an image of their blonde character on merchandise as well as in advertising.

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