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Lil Wayne pulls out of gig amid security row

Rapper Lil Wayne cancelled a gig in Minnesota on Sunday (21Jun15) after members of his entourage allegedly refused to take part in the venue's security checks.

The Lollipop hitmaker was due to perform at The Venue in Minneapolis, but bosses at the club claim members of the musician's team caused a hold-up because they did not want to pass through metal detectors or be frisked by security guards.

In a statement posted online, The Venue chiefs explain Lil Wayne was co-operative, but he subsequently decided not to go ahead with the gig.

The message reads, "Upon his arrival, Lil Wayne was permitted entry into The Venue in order to perform. However, several members of his entourage refused to take part in The Venue's standard safety procedures.

"In accordance with The Venue's long-standing policies, those members that refused to follow The Venue's safety procedures, and only those members, were refused entry into the club. Despite the fact that Lil Wayne was permitted entry, the stage was set up to his specifications, and he otherwise appeared ready to perform, he made the decision that he would not perform as scheduled."

Lil Wayne has yet to comment on the drama.

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