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Cara Delevingne working with Nile Rodgers

British supermodel Cara Delevingne is working on a collaboration with funk legend Nile Rodgers.

The catwalk beauty has long been rumoured to be making a foray into music, and the Chic frontman has now confirmed he is working with her in the studio.

Rodgers tell U.K. newspaper The Sun, "I love her, she's awesome. I would say she's a rock chick and a really cool one too. (I'm) not helping (her), it's collaborating. When she played me her tracks I was shocked, it's cool. That's the cool thing about music. You get to be shocked. You never know how a person is going to touch someone else's soul. They come with music that is going to blow people away and you never expect it. She's gorgeous I couldn't help noticing stuff like that too."

Delevingne went to see Chic play in London's Hyde Park on Sunday (22Jun15) and joined the group on stage to dance to one of their hits.

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