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Liam Payne breaks silence after fire horror

One Direction's Liam Payne has broken his silence following a horror fire at his London flat, thanking fans for their well wishes and revealing a pal who suffered burns in the blast is recovering quickly.

The singer accompanied three of his friends to hospital on Monday (02Sep13) after a heater on the balcony of his luxury penthouse exploded.

Payne now admits the accident has made him re-evaluate his life, and reveals the prognosis is good for his childhood pal Andy Samuels, who was left with 20 per cent burns to his chest, legs, and arms.

Taking to his Twitter.com page, Payne writes, "Thanks for all the support at this time... it's been a tough few days and it's only made me value everything so much more... He's (Samuels) doing really well... I'm just so happy he's gunna (sic) be ok... No one wants to see there (sic) best mate like this. Andy Samuels... the invincible man."

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