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Liam Hemsworth asked Billy Ray Cyrus for his marriage blessing

Actor Liam Hemsworth stuck to tradition and asked singer Billy Ray Cyrus for his daughter Miley's hand in marriage before proposing to the Hannah Montana star.

The Hunger Games hunk popped the question to Miley Cyrus in May (12), but ever the perfect gentleman, he approached the Achy Breaky Heart hitmaker for his blessing before presenting the 19 year old with a ring.

During an interview with TV host Jay Leno, Billy Ray jokes, "(He) begged me. He came several times, every time I said, 'Yeah, sure!' ...No, I said yeah off the bat (from the start). Liam's a great guy. We all love Liam. But he did ask."

And while many fans were surprised by the teenager's plans to walk down the aisle at such a young age, her father insists he is not worried: "She's pretty young, but she's happy, and it's good to see her happy. That's what I care most about."

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