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Lena Headey accidentally hits costars below the belt with plastic sword in new film

Actress Lena Headey was forced to give up her plastic sword during battle scenes in 300: Rise Of An Empire after accidentally hitting her co-stars in the genitals.

The Game of Thrones star plays Spartan Queen Gorgo in the bloody movie and had to learn how to sword fight for her action sequences.

Headey thought she was doing well with the training until she was stripped of her fake sword.

She tells Access Hollywood, "They teach you very basic moves, so you get these two big sticks, like you're a four-year-old boy, and then, if you don't hurt anyone, they give you a plastic sword and you feel like you've passed a test.

"I made it to the plastic, and then I hit a couple of guys in the nuts. Yeah... and I went back to sticks. I was downgraded."

But the lessons eventually paid off - the British actress looks impressive in battle sequences in the new film.

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