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LeAnn Rimes dives with sharks

Singer Leann Rimes took the plunge in Hawaii on Tuesday (04Feb14) by embarking on a terrifying shark dive.

The Blue hitmaker and her actor husband Eddie Cibrian are enjoying a vacation in the island paradise with family members, and they decided to get their adrenaline racing with a thrill-seeking trip.

The couple, along with Cibrian's father Carl, got up close to sharks while in the relative safety of a diving cage and Rimes documented the adventure by posting pictures on her Twitter.com page, adding, "My crazy husband Eddie Cibrian & my nutso bonus daddy! They got me into trouble shark diving."

She also uploaded a picture of a huge shark swimming close to the cage, adding, "Say hello to my little friend... I'm shark diving WTF (what the f**k)."

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