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LeAnn Rimes almost missed first Grammy Awards ceremony

Leann Rimes almost did not attend her first Grammy Awards ceremony in 1997 because she was sick.

The How Do I Live? singer was suffering from the flu and was convinced she wasn't going to win any awards, so she almost decided against going. However, she attended - and won twice.

"I had like a 104 (degree) fever," she told U.S. chat show The Talk on Wednesday (08Feb16). "Everyone was telling me, 'You're not going to win,' because there was no country artist that won Best New Artist and I was 14 so everything was against me. I'm in the limo with my head up against the window, I'm trying to get cool. I'm like, 'Why am I going, I'm sick.' I get there, I win the first award in the pre-show and people were like, 'Maybe you should start thinking about what you want to say if you win.' I mean I was so emotional when I won, I just (broke) into tears because being sick that night, you know how you are when you're sick and you're very sensitive, so I don't remember anything."

"(I thought) No Doubt (would win)...," she continued. "It's really funny, Gwen actually walked by and said, 'That's the little girl that just kicked our ass'." She was so kind about it. I love her, she's so amazing."

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