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Lady Gaga's boyfriend toured America with Bo Derek

Lady Gaga's actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney felt sure he had made it big in Hollywood when he found himself on a press tour with Bo Derek.

Kinney landed a gig on the 10 star's Fashion House when he first arrived in Tinseltown from Pennsylvania in 2005, and he was convinced the role would lead to overnight fame and fortune.

He tells WENN, "I played her son and it was quite cheesy but I had a blast doing it. I thought it was off to the races after that.

"I think I spent all the money I made on that in a matter of months on sushi!

"She (Derek) was amazing and the first on-screen mom I had... I didn't grow up watching her films, but I remember my first press junket tour with her. We would go to Washington, D.C. and then Baltimore, Philly, New York and Boston to these morning radio shows... and I would see these grown men just beading with sweat at the prospect of meeting Bo Derek.

"I just knew they had posters on their wall of her growing up and what they must've thought when they met her! She was great."

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