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Lady Gaga gives health advice to cancer patient

Lady Gaga has attempted to help a fan suffering from cancer by doling out health advice.

The pop singer received a message from one of her followers through her Littlemonsters.com website and in the post, the young man revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer and his final wish is to meet the Poker Face star.

Gaga responded by sending a motivational message back, urging him to fight the disease by eating "healthy", giving up alcohol, and exercising every day.

She writes, "You will get through this, we will all get through it with you... I know many people who have survived through breast cancer... lung cancer... skin cancer... you must be brave and think positively. Eat healthy, clean, work out everyday if you can at least 20-30 minutes and visualise your health. It will make you strong. Your mind and spirit can do anything. No alcohol ok? It's poison. We love you. I will say goddess prayers."

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