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Lady Gaga enjoys safari trip in South Africa

Lady Gaga took time out from her world tour to enjoy a safari trip in South Africa this week (ends02Dec12).

The pop superstar took her Born This Way Ball shows to the country for a gig in Johannesburg on Friday (30Nov12) and an upcoming concert in Cape Town on Monday (03Dec12).

She arrived in South Africa several days before her first show, and she made the most of her time by heading off on a special safari trip to see a pride of lions in the wild.

Gaga documented her trip in a series of posts on her Twitter.com page, sharing photos of her adventures with fans.

She writes, "Safari picture: in this photo I'm about 10 feet from 13 lions, 2 cubs. I spent about 30 minutes w (with) them and took a nap!... The lion pride even woke up at one point and let us come closer... & yes I cut a hole in my bush hat so my pony (tail) could stick out. Safari Barbie."

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