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Lady Gaga drinks wine to numb the pain of bleaching her hair

Pop superstar Lady Gaga guzzles a wine and ibuprofen cocktail whenever she bleaches her hair platinum blonde to numb the pain from her burning scalp.

The Poker Face hitmaker gave fans an insight into the work that goes into her dye job by sharing a snap of her stylist, Patti Song, at work on Instagram.com on Thursday (21May15).

However, in the accompanying caption, Gaga admitted she was suffering in the name of beauty, because she prefers to bleach her hair all the way from root to tip - and the coconut oil many women use to protect their scalp doesn't always work.

She wrote, "No filter. The method we used was to take me from a black Demi-Permanent to a very translucent sparkly white blond (sic). Although it was painful at times on the scalp, I like to avoid using any barriers with bleach so it's as reflective and translucent as possible while still healthy.

"Advil (painkillers) and pound a few Pinot (wine), but rinse immediately if the scalp is burning too much not worth it to get blisters. You can always reapply bleach... better to be patient!"

She added of her "dear friend" Song: "We fell in love years ago she is a blond mad scientist bleach warlock. Genius stuff!"

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