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Kristin Chenoweth was inches from death in The Good Wife accident

Actress Kristin Chenoweth feels lucky to be alive after her doctor marvelled at how close she came to death following her onset accident while shooting U.S. legal drama The Good Wife.

The diminutive star was hospitalized with a concussion in June (12) after a lighting rig fell and struck her in the face, leaving her with a skull fracture and rib and hip problems.

She recently admitted the incident, which took place in New York, has cost her the ability to multi-task and now reveals she could have died if the set equipment had come crashing down on her slightly differently.

During an interview with U.S. talk show host Chelsea Handler, she says, "The doctor said I was hit in the face and knocked to the ground and my head hit a curb... He said, 'You know, if you had been hit (on the top of the head) or (on the throat) you wouldn't even be able to talk anymore. I'm so glad that I wasn't killed...

"What happened was a terrible accident and hopefully nothing (like that happens again)."

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