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Kirsten Dunst wants cute cousin on The Bachelor

Spider-Man star Kirsten Dunst is campaigning to land her cute cousin a role on TV dating show The Bachelor.

The actress admits she's a big fan of the program and, by getting her cousin Elise, on the set, she hopes to get some behind the scenes access and gossip.

Kirsten Dunst says, "I did her bio (biography) for her... and she's really cute... I think they'll totally pick her, but we haven't done the video yet.

"We want her to be one of the girls... She'd just be laughing at the rose ceremony (where girls are rejected)."

And the actress admits her cousin's involvement would make the season extra special: "It's ridiculous, but it's just like some of the best television - the fact that everyone's so concerned about this rose.

"And they don't eat and they're all wasted (drunk)... and then they're, like, sobbing to each other about this man they've just met."

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