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Kirsten Dunst and Lena Dunham share personal emails for art project

Kirsten Dunst and Lena Dunham have shared emails from their personal accounts for a new art project.

The Hollywood stars allowed filmmaker Miranda July to browse their inboxes for her online artwork, We Think Alone, which gives fans a chance to peak at private emails belonging to 10 public figures.

The first selection, sent out to July's subscribers on Monday (01Jul13), was titled An Email About Money and included a message Dunst sent from her iPhone about selling her used car to a pal.

The Spider-Man star writes, "My friend Jessica is buying my car for 7,000 I gave her your info for payments. She's going to pay 2,000 up front and then pay the rest as fast as she can. Thanks, Kirsten."

Girls creator Dunham's April (13) correspondence deals with a $24,000 sofa she nearly ordered from Sweden, before she wrote to her assistant to declare the piece of furniture "just too expensive".

July insists her celebrity contributors were happy to join in, adding, "I needed someone who would deliver, and knew that Lena Dunham would be totally uninhibited... And I was kind of surprised with Lena Dunham by how many (emails) are to her boyfriend (fun. rocker Jack Antonoff). I assume Jack knows she's doing this. And that he's cool with it... Then I chose Kirsten Dunst as an actress whose power comes from you not really knowing who she is."

Upcoming themes include An Email To Your Mom, An Email About Something You Want, An Email that Gives Advice and An Angry Email.

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