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Kim Kardashian's friends inspired her to become mental health advocate

Kim Kardashian became a producer for a mental health documentary because so many of her friends have suffered from depression.

The reality TV star teamed up with the producers of reality TV series Intervention to create documentary show #RedFlag, which aired this week (beg04May15).

Kardashian decided to help create the program, about mental health in the social media age, to raise awareness after seeing some of her loved ones struggle to cope with issues such as depression.

During a Google Hangout online chat, she reveals, "For me, I have experienced so many friends that suffered from depression and other mental illnesses (sic). And because I've never experienced it, I don't understand it and I wanted to really inform myself because it's not just something that you can snap out of and I think I would assume that... Once I started to learn more about it and know that it really is a serious issue and it's not that you can just snap out of, you really do need help for it, I really wanted to be involved (in the project).

"I just started to see too many people around me suffer, and I couldn't give them advice for where they should go to get help and so I wanted to really inform myself and try to help inform other people and bring awareness to it on something that's a little bit taboo (sic)... I also think it's hard for someone to admit that they have a mental illness and... I wanted let people know that it's okay and there's help available."

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