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Kim Kardashian celebrates wedding anniversary with flashback photos

Kim Kardashian has marked the first anniversary of her lavish European nuptials by posting photos from her bachelorette party and rehearsal brunch on social media.

The reality TV star, who wed Kanye West in Italy a year ago, took to Instagram.com on Friday (22May15) to thank everyone who attended the events leading up to the wedding ceremony and the big day itself.

She captioned one of the shots she posted, "I will never forget last year at my bachelorette dinner all of the speeches from all of my best friends that came to Paris to celebrate! I love you all so much!"

Kardashian and her then-rapper groom-to-be were treated to a private tour of fashion designer Valentino's gardens and staged a rehearsal brunch at the Palace of Versailles while they celebrated in France, before jetting to Florence, Italy for the wedding.

Showing off photos from her personal collection, Kim wrote, "Just a little stroll thru Valentino's garden... No big deal", and, "The day before our wedding @andreltalley @privategg and @RealMrValentino threw us the most amazing brunch to celebrate & we are forever grateful for these memories! This was the best week of my life!"

The couple became husband and wife on 24 May, 2014 and reports suggest the couple has returned to France for a renewal service at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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