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Kim Kardashian bans Caitlyn from using her glam squad

Kim Kardashian banned Caitlyn Jenner from using her make-up artist.

Caitlyn, who was known as Bruce before transitioning into a woman in 2015, used to be married to 35-year-old Kim’s mother Kris Jenner. The family remains close, and despite most of the Kardashians/Jenners working with A-list beauty expert Joyce Bonelli, Kim won’t budge when it comes to Caitlyn.

“Kim said (Caitlyn's) not allowed to use her glam squad – it's very hard to find people you like that are good and loyal,” Joyce commented to Britain’s Heat magazine.

"I would do Bruce's make-up sometimes (in the past) and Caitlyn's now like, 'I always used to love that'.”

Luckily Caitlyn has found her own glam squad, and has quickly become one of showbiz’s best turned out stars.

Kim’s siblings are allowed to call on Joyce though, which means the make-up maestro’s favourite face to work on is constantly changing.

“Now it’s Khloe, and before her it was Kylie, and before her it was Kourtney, and before that it was Kim. And always it’s Kris Jenner!” she smiled.

It was in fact Joyce who helped 18-year-old Kylie create her now infamous pout, after she convinced her to start wearing chocolate lipstick.

Joyce has been Kim’s right-hand woman for over a decade, and also counts the likes of Nicki Minaj and Demi Lovato as celebrity clients. Thanks to her A-list customers Joyce is earning big bucks, which means she doesn’t need to say yes to sharing her skills via YouTube tutorials.

“Ten years ago it was not cool to be working with the Kardashians, let me tell you. I’m loyal a make-up artist, but hello - I’m also making a lot of money,” she laughed.

“Well, when Nicki Minaj pays me $4,000 to do her make-up, what’s she gonna say if she sees me doing it for free on YouTube? I was once offered $100,000 to do some tutorials videos on YouTube, and I said no because they’re cheesy.”

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