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Kendrick Lamar kicks festival co-founder offstage after failed rap challenge

Kendrick Lamar inadvertently booted the co-founder of Maryland's Sweetlife Festival off the stage on Sunday (31May15) after the businessman failed to rap along to the hip-hop star's hit song, M.a.a.d City.

The rapper headlined the two-day event, which is sponsored by salad company Sweetgreen, and during his set, he plucked out a male fan from the crowd to join him onstage.

Unbeknownst to Lamar, the audience member turned out to be Sweetgreen CEO Jonathan Neman, who was challenged to recite "every single... word" of the track.

Neman attempted the feat but flubbed the lyrics early on, and the rapper had him escorted from the stage by security as he selected another fan for the segment.

He told the crowd, "For some reason, every time I bring up a young lady up here, they always outdo the men who come up here."

He was soon proved right after a woman named Ayanna delivered a word-perfect version of m.A.A.d city, prompting Lamar to exclaim, "She killed that...! She not only represented what I do, and I truly appreciate that, but she represented every one of y'all out here tonight."

Ironically, Sweetgreen bosses named a new salad after one of Lamar's singles. The new menu item, titled,

Beets Don't Kale My Vibe, went on sale at branches of the restaurant in April (15), ahead of the rapper's headlining performance at Sweetlife.

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