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Kendra Wilkinson urges mom to ditch book deal

Playboy pin-up-turned-reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson is begging her estranged mom to think twice before writing a tell-all about their relationship.

Patti Wilkinson announced plans to reveal all about her daughter's life in a new book last year (Oct15), explaining "there is only so much a mother can take", but Kendra is hoping she doesn't follow through.

Speaking out about her literary gamble on Facebook, Patti wrote: "The time has come where I can’t stay quiet anymore. I think a book is in order to tell the TRUTH! It will be factual and tell the entire story from MY eyes. Get ready for hearing some things that may take a certain someone down off of her pedestal."

Mother-of-two Kendra, who has accused Patti of leaking stories to the press, insists she has no concerns about what her mom will write about, but she fears a book will destroy their relationship for good.

"I don't think she was ready for me to have a life of my own," the former model told Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday (06Apr16) when asked why her relationship with her mother is so bad. "I don't think she was ready to give me up to a man and have kids... and I believe that's it, but I still don't know. I've asked and I just hope one day I'll find out what I've done wrong."

Kendra tackles the idea of her mom's book project in the new season of her hit show Kendra On Top, and admits she can't imagine what dirt her mother has on her.

"It's just been a rough couple of years and I just hope she doesn't write the book. Not in my case, not because I'm fearful; I just want her to remain hopeful with a relationship with me.

"She put the threat out that she would write a tell-all, and right now I'm trying to find out (what she's planning)... I'm still waiting on the answer and right now I'm not getting it, so that's kinda scary."

And Kendra insists if her mother wants cold hard cash, she's prepared to pay her off, adding, "I would love to (do that) if she needs it."

Hugh Hefner's ex, who is now married to former American football star Hank Baskett, is hoping the death of her maternal grandmother on Tuesday (05Apr16) will help heal the rift between herself and her mom.

"I just hope and pray... that right now we find some sort of hope with everything that's happened with my grandma."

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